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Head-On Attack on Drugs in the Community

Dear Friend,

The drug problem is no longer confined to families touched by drug abuse, which has always been a devastating problem. Narco-terrorists are now on our doorstep.

The LAPD have reports of  Los Zetas and Gulf cartels and five other Mexican cartels — Sinaloa, Beltran-Levya, La Familia, Arellano Felix and Carillo Fuentes — operating in L.A and its suburbs. They’re busy recruiting gangs to carry on the same mayhem they’re engaged in south of the border. They can only be called narco-terrorists, because they kidnap torture and murder to control their drug trade corridors.The death toll is well over 20,000. They claim the name as well because they provide distribution outlets that fund international terrorist operations.

On behalf of the Western Region Counterdrug Training Center (WRCTC), I was asked to develop and deliver trainings to help communities combat the influence of drugs on young people. Bothe formats have been piloted and found to be effective. One is a two day training called Building Better Futures through Drug Prevention, one is a four-hour presentation called Solutions for a Drug Free Work Environment. Seeing further need, and with WRCTC support, I created an all-day workshop for law enforcement to offer to students and their parents or guardians called, Stronger Families through Drug Prevention.

The National Guard’s WRCTC got the ball rolling by sponsoring these trainings all over the area, from Long Beach to Panorama City. It is an attack aimed at the weakest link, a growing body of youth who are determined to live drug free. I want to keep that ball rolling, which is going to take private sector backup.

My question to you is what do you know about drugs and the influence they have on communities and on our economy?  I would certainly like to brief you more fully than I can with these brief notes.

Let’s have a meaningful chat with the aim of putting some control in on this situation. I have some hot ideas about what we can do to stop it, and I am sure you do too.


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