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Say hello to some friends!


Jenny Hip and Danny Hop have new friends.

Alfie and Hannah at your service

Alfie and Hannah at your service

Meet Hannah and Alfie.  They are puppet people.

They reside in Los Angeles, and they are happy to visit your community to help children learn how to stay off drugs. Contact us and invite them.

Auntie Nancy will come, too. She brings all kinds of good information that students can use to have more fun.  Here is a picture of Auntie Nancy.


Auntie Nancy helps Hannah and Alfie understand things better, and the children learn right along with them. Hannah and Alfie have a lot of ideas of their own they like to discuss with Auntie Nancy and the children. In the end, the children come to their own conclusions. Making your own decisions is a big part of It’s Fun To Be Me!

Two things you can count on when Hannah and Alfie come to visit:

1.  Children are going to learn skills that will help them reach their  goals.


2.  They are going to have a lot of fun.

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