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We are dedicated to tackling drug dependency before it gets hold of your son or daughter and ruins their chances for a happy future. We specializes in effective and fun drug prevention, as you can see from our projects.

We also offer highly effective training opportunities that can transform your community.

Stronger Families Through Drug Prevention: This is a 4-hour workshop, attended by parents with their teen or tween children. This highly interactive experience enables students and their parents to understand the liabilities of drug use to their family and community, improve life skills, with focus on communication amongst family members and other relationships.

What they are saying about this course:

“You open the eyes of Parents so they can see on a day to day basis
what pressures their kids face that make them want to do drugs.
You show the kids the big picture. This training is very
important. It helps us do our job.” -Police boot camp counselor

“This training works. It has given me the ability to communicate
about anything with my children and that is invaluable
to me as a parent.” -Parent,Panorama City, California.

My son and I have more communication. He can trust me more.
We find the way to fix problems. If parents can do this,
our kids can be someone important for this country. -John, Father

I don’t have a lot of communication with my two younger brothers,
but today I was able to really listen to what they were saying and talk to them.
It was great. -Heidi, Older Sister

Other Drug Prevention trainings can be tailored to fit time frames from a keynote address to a two-day intensive training session first delivered for the Western Region Counterdrug Training Center of the National Guard.

Building Better Futures Though Drug Prevention: helps a community understand what they need to do to effectively combat drugs.

Solutions for a Drug-Free Workplace: addresses the concerns found within the company or corporate environment, or any group concerned about the impact of substance abuse.

jennydannythumbnail The It’s Fun To Be Me! Children’s workshop: provides a simplified, https://xjobs.org/ activity-intensive experience that begins to get children thinking about their futures and how drugs and alcohol or getting involved in destructive activities can keep them from achieving their goals and having a fun life.

Reggie Berry, former San Diego Charger addresses community members at a Building Better Futures training

Reggie Berry, former San Diego Charger addresses community members at a Building Better Futures training.

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