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The Positive Art of Hip Hop

Click here to meet The  Positive Art of Hip Hop Artists. They are dedicated to helping youth create and achieve their goals for a successful future for themselves and their  community through the art of hip hop and other art forms. The role of TPAHH is to help youth decide how to achieve their goals so they can stand tall and say, “It’s Fun To Be Me!”

None of our artists use bad language or negative messages.  They have a positive lifestyle and dress code.  They are always SWAG!!

Black Sharpie Graffiti Art Battle Dec. 2010
and the winner is  . . .


These are some of the Talented Artists on the TPAHH Team

Marlin Gonzales (Mig One) is art director of all of our It’s Fun To Be Me! materials.  He created Jenny Hip and Danny Hop and all the hip hop character artwork for It’s Fun To Be Me! and It’s Fun To Be Me Hip Hop Golf Kids Workbooks.

Mig was born in Esteli, Nicaragua, from a very early age he was influenced by street art. By age 14 he was assisting muralists paint professional murals in Los Angeles and began producing commissioned works. He is well known for his combination of graff and airbrush . His early works were seen on alleys in Highland Park painting with P.E.T. crew. He spends most of his time working on graphics and bizarre characters that are seen on t-shirts, posters and album covers.

Mig has outstanding graffiti art skills and a giving spirit that makes him really care about youth. He teaches them to use art to make their lives more positive. That’s Mig on the left, working with youth as he loves to do.


Luigi is one of our featured performers at anti-drug events in the Los Angeles area. He likes to talk to kids  about how drugs and alcohol kill your ability to create. He is among a growing number of young performers who want to stay clear of drugs and alcohol so they can have long and successful careers.  He also likes to get  youth on their feet and dancing to his song, “Dance Floor”.




Man One is the owner of one of Los Angeles’ most prominent urban art galleries located in the heart of downtown in the art district. He has been commissioned to do many works. He was even commissioned to design a house based on graff letters. He also spends a lot of his time mentoring youth who love graffiti art so they can develop their talents into successful careers. His innovative gallery has become a second home for our It’s Fun To Be Me Team.


Fresh is a full time Hip Hop performer, producer and agent who has been breaking  since the 80’s. He is a founding member of the LA Breakers and still heads up this top breaking crew as well as hitting the floor himself 25 years later. So if you don’t think breaking keeps you in shape, take it from Fresh – it really keeps you young. Fresh is all about the kids, and was recently congratulated for his mentoring work by Curtis O. Porter (in the pic below with Fresh and our founder, Ms. Teddy Chambers). Mr. Porter administrates two of the nations most important mentoring projects as the Director of the Youth Development Division of Family and Youth Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Fresh thanked Mr. Porter for his support by presenting him with the LA Breakers’ latest DVD showing their moves.


The “Drugs Ruin Creativity” T shirt was designed by LA urban artist, Jose Quevedo. “Tony,” as his friends know him, won the Black Sharpie Anti-Drug Grafitti Art Contest with this design. Teddy created and ran this project.

“our creative spirits,imprisoned by drugs, unable to sense life, unable to rise up, leaving our cities to fall.”  Jose Quevedo, winning artist of the Narconon Professional Drug Prevention Black Sharpie Grafitti Art Contest 2010.

“Our creative spirits,imprisoned by drugs, unable to sense life, unable to rise up, leaving our cities to fall.”                               Jose Quevedo,


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