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Our Mission is to give young people tools to choose a self-determined path and mentoring them in the use of these tools so that they can determine their future free of the influence of drugs and violent behavior of street gangs and other bullies.

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There are currently 15 million drug users and addicts in the United States alone. When you take a world view, the numbers become formidable.  Increasingly those drug users are youth. In this country the average age of a young person exposed to street drugs, alcohol abuse or abuse of medical drugs, is 8 years old, (third grade). This can happen earlier if youth are  raised in families that abuse legal or  illegal drugs or alcohol.

While there has been an ongoing effort by many organizations to educate young people about the dangers of drugs, drug use is still rising, particularly use of pharmaceutical mood altering drugs.

The challenges youth face getting a good education and learning vital life skills are difficult even without the additional pressure of peers and sometimes care givers influencing them to become drug users and abusers.

The problem is youth tend to reject messages of warning. The dire predictions are too far in the future and somewhat unreal to them. Before they can grab hold of their lives and make them a success, too many have already given up on themselves and have fallen into the traps of drugs or gang life or both.

A further problem is that while youth may be asked to strive for positive goals, the job of guiding them often does not get done, or the wherewithal to help them is lacking. Typically the job falls to teachers who are overburdened. Teachers faced with overcrowded classrooms often can’t give enough individual attention to students who need it.

Our youth are trying to grow up. They want to have good lives, but in a toxic environment of bullying, verbal abuse, gangs and drugs they need life skills. They don’t need more protection, they need to be able to handle themselves and situations. If they have that, they will change the environment that surrounds them instead of being victimized by it.

Here’s the formula we think is the solution:

1. Help youth be goal oriented, discover their skills, talents, interests and develop the ability necessary to connect with their own purpose that fires up their life and gets them excited about pursuing it.

2. Provide real life examples of successful people who are highly engaged, excited and successful, including well-known celebrities and opinion leaders from the young person’s point of view.

3. Provide youth with accurate knowledge and usable understandings that lead to good choices regarding health and nutrition, getting along with others, handling problems and adversities, and any other subject that can help them get where they want to get.

4. Provide parents, school administrators, law enforcement, etc., with effective tools to use on an ongoing basis to help youth succeed at pursuing their positive goals.

The result is a generation of youth able to make decisions for themselves based on their view of the world and personal aspirations. We know that these things add up to the ultimate antidote for peer pressure or persuasion toward bad choices.



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